Pinchflat 2013

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2013 is going by in a hurry! Wild Goose Creative's annual Pinchflat Columbus has come and gone with a stack of crazy creative posters yet again. This was my second year participating in this event. You can view my poster in gallery or in the shop (limited number of posters available). This year I was invited to speak at the preview VIP event and boy was I a nervous wreck about it. The event went off without a hitch and I actually had a lot of fun talking about my process and how I've gotten where I am (along with 4 other insanely talented artists). Thank you to all who made this event happen! 

image thanks to Wild Goose Creative

image thanks to Wild Goose Creative


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I first heard of Threadless when designer, Mig Reyes came to speak at CSCA (Columbus Society of Communicating Arts). Speaking of CSCA, there's a volunteer meeting at Ologie this Thursday at 8pm. I highly recommend becoming involved with such a dynamic group. Plus I'll be there, and we both know you'd love to meet me.

But onto Theadless. I've been a big fan of the company for a few years now. For those of you living under a rock, "Threadless designs are created by and chosen by an online community. Each week, about 1,000 designs are submitted online and are put to a public vote. After seven days the staff reviews the top-scoring designs. Based on the average score and community feedback, about 10 designs are selected each week, printed on clothing and other products, and sold worldwide through the online store and at their retail store in Chicago" (thank you Wikipedia). 

As you may have guessed, I've entered one of their weekly contest. This monster themed shirt was too perfect for me to pass on. Here's what you can do to help.

1. Go to

2. Score my design a 5, because you know you love these monster critters that much. Bonus: you can vote more than once. So click away!  

Threadless Monster Blog1.png

3. Then share on all your social media so everyone can see and vote on the cuteness of my Om Nom Monsters.

Threadless Monster Blog2a.png

4. Then, fingers crossed, you will be able to purchase the tshirt design you helped to produce! Wish me luck and thanks for your vote!

Feeling a bit sappy...

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So with much more free time than I rightfully know what to do with, I've started working on some more Type heavy pieces that I've dreamed up the last several months. With little notes found on scraps of paper, in random pages of multiple sketch books, and notes types up in my phone, I've started figuring out with ones spoke to me most and started work. 

Today was a sappy day for me. Apparently my brain just can't get past all the early Valentine's Day hubbub that has been floating around the internets. 

Someday I'd love to have the funds to have these cute cards letterpressed so I could hand them out to all my friends and family. 

You Are My...
You Are My...

Poster Contest

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Well I did it. I didn't procrastinate (too much) and I actually had a finished poster to enter into CD102.5's annual Poster Calendar Contest.  And while I didn't win (whomp whomp), I did get into the top twenty and was therefore displayed at the Gallery Hop. I had a great time creating this poster, and while next year I'll probably do something completely different, I love cut paper and what I made.

The completed image has been added to my Home page. Feel free to check it out!  

*Side note* I didn't cut myself at ALL while making this. The kicker is, the day after I was done I sliced my pinkie on a cake mix box while making cookies. WHO DOES THAT?

Annnnnd in case you haven't noticed I added a resume page to this site and it is BALLER. 

finished paper.jpg

Procrastation? Not this time.

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I've never been much of a procrastinator. That whole process usually just stresses me out, so during college I learned that, at least for my mental health, it was better for me to do things sooner rather than later.

And then there's the CD102.5 Poster Contest...

I've said I was going to enter the last several years. And not once have I gotten past the initial just thinking of concepts stage. 


This year is different. I've actually gotten to the sketching stage. The making ideas a reality stage. The I'm ACTUALLY DOING IT STAGE.

Entries are due by November 3rd. I highly recommend everyone to give it a go. Don't let fears of not being good enough stop you like they've done to me in the past. If you don't get in it's not the end of the world. And hell, you might just win. 

CD102.5 Poster Contest Concept/Sketch

CD102.5 Poster Contest Concept/Sketch

Kerning: A Love/Hate Relationship

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So as most designers/typesetting/observant peeps know, even if they don't know the word for it, kerning "is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font, usually to achieve a visually pleasing result"* I've spent hours before kerning a piece making sure each character was spaced just right. I even play this little game over and over again to make sure my skills are still sharp.

It can be the most annoying thing you ever notice. Ever. I like to point it out to my friends so they can share in the horror. So friends, here you go!

From Font.Info