Procrastation? Not this time.

Posted on by Om Nom Monster Studio

I've never been much of a procrastinator. That whole process usually just stresses me out, so during college I learned that, at least for my mental health, it was better for me to do things sooner rather than later.

And then there's the CD102.5 Poster Contest...

I've said I was going to enter the last several years. And not once have I gotten past the initial just thinking of concepts stage. 


This year is different. I've actually gotten to the sketching stage. The making ideas a reality stage. The I'm ACTUALLY DOING IT STAGE.

Entries are due by November 3rd. I highly recommend everyone to give it a go. Don't let fears of not being good enough stop you like they've done to me in the past. If you don't get in it's not the end of the world. And hell, you might just win. 

CD102.5 Poster Contest Concept/Sketch

CD102.5 Poster Contest Concept/Sketch