Poster Contest

Posted on by Om Nom Monster Studio

Well I did it. I didn't procrastinate (too much) and I actually had a finished poster to enter into CD102.5's annual Poster Calendar Contest.  And while I didn't win (whomp whomp), I did get into the top twenty and was therefore displayed at the Gallery Hop. I had a great time creating this poster, and while next year I'll probably do something completely different, I love cut paper and what I made.

The completed image has been added to my Home page. Feel free to check it out!  

*Side note* I didn't cut myself at ALL while making this. The kicker is, the day after I was done I sliced my pinkie on a cake mix box while making cookies. WHO DOES THAT?

Annnnnd in case you haven't noticed I added a resume page to this site and it is BALLER. 

finished paper.jpg